A Portland father and son are now homeless following a fire at their home in Mount Oakley. The fire is said to have reportedly started when lightning struck the home on Tuesday morning.
The family is now homeless and distraught as the house has been reduced to rubble, taking with it all of their possessions.

The father, Everton Brown says he was alerted to the fire by a phone call moments after taking his children to school. He hurried back home only to be faced with a husk of his former dwelling.

Residents of the community say when it began to rain, they heard a sound and saw the lightning but never imagined that a fire would have started. One man shared that he along with others attempted to extinguish he blaze but they were unsuccessful.
Other residents were reportedly affected by the lightning as Jamaica Public Service employees were later in the community to conduct restoration operations.

Everton Brown is now hoping that he will gain assistance to rebuild again.

To assist Everton Brown, you may contact him at 876-589-8912 / 876-372-8341