With only days to go until the South East Clarendon by-election, independent candidate Derrick Lambert is crying foul. In an exclusive interview with CVM LIVE, Lambert, a former People’s National Party caretaker in South East Clarendon is accusing the PNP’S Patricia Duncan Sutherland and her supporters of campaigning against him. Previously the Jamaica Labour Party hinted that Lambert is the PNP’S hidden hand in the by-election.

The former PNP comrade finds this amusing as he says back in the 2011 general election he got no support from the party. Lambert who entered the political scene with the intention of a victory says the influence of the PNP may somehow affect his chances.

In a statement from Duncan Sutherland, she says “We would not be wasting any money in the by-election campaigning for or against anyone. Whoever wins this wasteful by-election we will beat them in the general election.”