The President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association, Owen Speid is calling on teachers to take breaks from the classroom for their health.
He made the call recently while visiting the St Margaret’s All-Age School in Portland.

At the start of the back to school period, an educator passed away after ailing with an illness over a period. Speid says teachers must now find means to handle stress-related situations.

He says they should take time away from the school environment to rejuvenate to prevent the deterioration of their health.
Teachers are known for going beyond the call of duty; often occupying several roles during their six to eight hours, five days a week work shift.

Back in 2016, two teachers died while on the job. One incident was at Kingston College and the other at Spanish Town High School. It is reported that both had collapsed and were subsequently pronounced dead.
Past President of the JTA, Howard Issacs had called for educators to be more mindful of their health.
While visiting the St Margaret’s All-Age School, Speid offered words of comfort to members of the administration.


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