MAY 7, 2019

The workers of the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) have been ordered to resume work after they took Industrial action

The action followed the breakdown in negotiations for wage and fringe benefits between the JPS and the Union of Clerical Administrative and Supervisory Employees (UCASE),  which  disrupted operations of the light and power company.

Discussions between the two were to set to continue at a meeting scheduled for 9:30 am at the Industrial Disputes Tribunal (IDT). However, representatives of UCASE did not attend.

The General Secretary of UCASE, John Levy, indicated that the absence of the union was due to the union not being informed of the meeting early enough.

Director of Corporate Communications at JPS, Winsome Callum, says there has been no indication of non-compliance and it is expected that work should return to normal.

Callum says there will be a series of meetings convened by the IDT and it is expected that both JPS and the union will honor the process. She added that the objectives are the same for both organizations and a speedy resolution is what is needed.