Prime Minister, Andrew Holness says the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) remains committed to uniting ahead of the pending General Elections. Speaking at the JLP Area Council meeting at the Green Park Primary school in Clarendon, he noted that the party is now stronger and better able to resolve issues than in the past.

“When you decide that you are going to become a politician it means that you are going to put aside self, personality, selfishness and look about the public interest- what is in the best interest of everyone,” says Holness.

Supporters of the party were out in their numbers, wearing green as a sign of solidarity and loyalty, the Leader of the party, Prime Minister Andrew Holness called on their supporters to remain united ahead of the general elections. According to Prime Minister Holness, local leaders have the responsibility of working in the interest of the public. To this he adds, that the Jamaica Labour party is evolving and fulfilling its mandate to the Jamaican people while working towards resolutions aimed towards development of the nation.

“As the party transitions in its organizational behaviour so too is it transitioning in its leadership,” Holness explains. ” We have from the leadership- top leadership level of the party and from the local level of the party, we have sought to manage that process.”

The Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Audley Shaw who was also present at the area council meeting, says members of parliament must not rely on polls but continue to work ahead of elections.

“We cannot afford to be caught on the plains of hesitation and to believe because of the polls we win again that. You forget that because many of the seats we won [in the 2016 General Elections] we won them by a small margin. We must make that you enumerate everyone that have to be enumerate by March,” Shaw said.