‘Building Our Nation Through Education’

The Jamaica Labour Party Education Fund and the Positive Jamaica Foundation donated a total of two million five hundred thousand Jamaican dollars to the University of the West Indies, to assist students experiencing financial difficulties, particularly those at risk of being de-registered and barred from sitting their examinations.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says this donation is as a result of recent reports in the media concerning the extreme financial difficulties being faced by university students.

Holness, notes that he identifies with the struggle as he too took a chance in going to university and was also the beneficiary of a bursary when he attended the University of the West Indies.

Holness urges the students who will benefit from this donation to “give back by paying it forward” when they became employed so that other students would have it a little easier than they did.

The Party Leader says though it is a political organization, the Jamaica Labour Party is more than just politics. He says the Party is a corporate entity with corporate social responsibilities. He adds that Education has always been a core principle of the Jamaica Labour Party.

Meanwhile Guild President Christina Williams in expressing gratitude, says this is an indication of support coming from government in the advancement of education.

The University of Technology, which has been the headline for weeks due to ongoing wage dispute with the staff and government, will also receive donations to assist students experiencing financial difficulties.