Many Jamaicans are stocking up on sanitary products to reduce the risk of falling ill.

When our team went downtown Kingston many items were already sold out despite a clear jump in prices.

Persons say they are taking steps to protect themselves against the virus that is creating chaos across the world.

This is creating opportunities for some businesses, including vendors in downtown Kingston who say sales have doubled as persons rush to stock up on essential items.

Vendors explain that soon after the minister confirmed the first case some obvious products were in high demand.

Items on sale were alcohol, Lysol, peroxide, wipes, soap, hand sanitizer and vinegar.

One woman says she has sold over one hundred boxes of vinegar in just a few hours.

We also spoke with a vendor who was selling items on his bicycle. He says business has been good.

When CVM LIVE examined the items we found that they expired in 2018.

We also visited some wholesalers where we were told that they were out of many sanitary items because of the increased demand.

But one herb vendor believes persons are buying the wrong items.