August 4, 2019

A Jamaican woman living in Trinidad says that she was denied access to health services due to her nationality. For her safety and security we’ll refer to her as Marcia.

Marcia tells CVM LIVE that she had suffered an injury moments after leaving a bus and had to be carried to a hospital for treatment.

The hospital later provided her with a referral to visit a health centre but when she arrived for help she was turned away.

Marcia says she was met with aggression and told that since she is not a citizen she would have to seek medical assistance elsewhere.

Subsequently, she contacted the Ministry of Health in the country and was told to return to the health facility for treatment.

It was only at this point that she was assisted by a nurse.

Marcia disclosed to our news team that there are other Jamaicans who are being treated unfairly and are uncertain of where to turn for help.

Although the High Commission is the organization created to lobby on their behalf, residents argue that it isn’t effective in addressing the issues they’re facing. Issues related to legal status and building a business are just a few of the problems.

She is appealing to the High Commission to step in.

Khadijah Thomas