Jamaica has come out triumphant in the latest staging of the Pan-American Games.  Proudly, black, green and gold draped the podium as the athletes shouldered their flag’s colors, while weighing in at a record-breaking 19 medal haul. The team took home 6 gold, 6 silver and 7 bronze medals from Lima, Peru and in the process winning the most gold and silver medals since they started participating in the games.

Their recent accomplishment is a shining representation of their upward battle to champion the games.  In 2007, when the games were held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the athletes managed to take home a total of 9 medals including 3 gold, 5 silver, and 1 bronze. In Mexico, for the 2011 circuit, they came away with a total of 7 medals, 1 gold, 1 bronze, and 5 silver. In 2015 this tally went back to 9, taking home 3 Gold, 5 Silver and 2 Bronze during the games in Canada.

Overall Jamaica has claimed 148 medals, dominating track and field, discus, shot put and swimming while they continue to climb the ranks for more games to come. 

Daniel Jarrett