An isolation centre is being established in Falmouth, Trelawny to handle cases of Covid-19.The Mayor of Falmouth, Colin Gager made the announcement today, saying repairs to the isolation centre will be at a cost of 4 million Jamaican dollars.

“Again, we want to say thanks to the minister [Desmond Mckenzie ] for coming on board and helping us and working with us. We have also established a sanitization area as you enter the infirmary so the workers coming in will be properly sanitized,” Gager says.

Adding to this, the Falmouth Mayor says owing to restrictions now in place to curb the movement of the elderly, the Falmouth Municipal Corporation will be taking action:

“We are making sure that on Monday we will be having the washing down and sanitizing of the whole infirmary. We want to make sure that the residents that live there are safe,” he says.

In recent weeks, the way of live for many Jamaicans has transformed, particularly for those in falmouth who had been reliant on cruise ships coming into the ports. The Mayor says despite this happening, residents are trying to cope during the health crisis.

“That sort of commerce is on the sleepy edge and the market one of the busiest in the Caribbean has slowed. We do not a large number of vendors coming in,” Gager explains. “We had a large number of vendors that came from Kingston but they are no longer coming.”

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