Road Fatalities have surpassed the 400 mark for 2019 and continue to increase as days go by. The Director of the Road Safety Unit, Kenute Hare is once again making an appeal for motorists to be careful when using the nation’s roadways, telling them to slow down and consider other road users.

“The messages have been sent out but as you know as the saying go those who have ears to hear let them hear and who cannot hear let them feel. But what has happened is that 430 people have felt because of their actions or the actions of other persons. Lives have been lost and families have been disrupted,” he shared.

Director of the Road Safety Unit, Kenute Hare says the numbers represent a tragedy, a reminder that many are not abiding by the road code in place.

“There is still more to be done to get our people to be more educated as it relates to the critical road safety issues. They really need to understand how the vehicle operates and what happens when they violate the manner on which the vehicle was made to be used,” he added.

He says plans are underway for a 2020 road safety campaign. Its effectiveness, however, is dependent on motorists.

The Road Safety Unit is now forecasting 350 road fatalities for 2020.