Plans to develop the former Innswood Sugar Estate in St. Catherine into a mega farm has been met with criticism and demonstration. However, the demonstrations are not against the developer nor the development that is underway. The residents are simply concerned about where they will be relocated to and when this will take place.

A group headed by a major developer is investing in the agricultural project, that will see approximately 3000 acres of land transformed into a mega farm. The Agriculture minister, Audley Shaw has described it as investment that will utilize Israeli technology.

However, for those who have known Innswood estate as their home for years, the development is welcomed but the relocation process is a major disruption.

According to them, they were given forms from food for the poor to sign for the relocation process. However, they say that was not the arrangement made with SCJ holdings, which was given the responsibility to divest remaining government-owned sugar assets. Residents say they do not have a problem with relocating, they just need somewhere better to live.

After hearing these concerns, their PNP Councillor Kirk Matthews intervened and met with the managing director of SCJ holdings ,who plans to meet with residents.