Hurricane Dorian has now weakened to a category 3 storm but has left a trail of destruction in Bahamas.

An eight year old child, Lanchino Mcintosh, has been confirmed death after drowning when he along with his family attempted to relocate during the storm. His sister is still missing.

Power lines are down, property and infrastructure destroyed and hundreds of families displaced since their homes were taken in the storm.

There is also widespread flooding in several areas as many are left stranded. Not even the shelters are safe.

A journalist in Bahamas, Kimberly Mullings shared that approximately five islands in Bahamas have been affected by the hurricane. She says the emergency shelters are no longer safe as the roof of several have been destroyed and are flooded.

Though the storm has weakened, residents in Florida are being asked to take the necessary precautionary measures to keep themselves and their families safe.

– Khadijah Thomas