Sections of St. Andrew such as Papine, Marverly and Seaview Gardens were inundated after Monday’s heavy rains.

When CVM Live visited these communities on Tuesday, the floodwaters had receded, but there was a noticeable pile-up of debris in several areas.

One resident of Marverly now has a much more serious concern as Monday’s rain caused a huge tree to fall on her house, destroying her kitchen.

At the same time, a teacher of the Mcleod Basic School in Highlight View Papine is calling for proper drainage systems in the area, however, the Mayor of Kingston and St. Andrew Delroy Williams says improper garbage disposal and unplanned developments are the main causes of flooding in these areas.

He is urging residents to dispose of waste material in the right way.

Nonetheless, he says the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation remains committed to the well being of citizens.