September 11, 2019

Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Christopher Tufton is reiterating calls for persons to desist from using bleaching creams as anti-aging formulas. 

The Minister’s comments come the Caribbean region prepares to celebrate Caribbean Wellness Day on September 14.

Speaking at the launch of Caribbean Wellness Day 2019 on Tuesday, September 10, Dr Tufton called on persons who are aging to focus on eating healthy and exercising, rather than using quick formulas to look younger. 

He says these creams often have long-term side-effects that impact the health of the users. “I am saying to the population, bleaching cream is unhealthy. It’s not going to make you look better and enjoy longevity of life. It won’t solve the aging issue,” Dr. Tufton said.

“Bleaching cream and plastic surgery cannot deal with aging. I think the world has become enticed, whether through marketing efforts, anecdotal evidence, our own personal hopes and aspirations, that there’s a quick fix to everything that we do, and can be enticed with measures for self-preservation that give a very short-term hope and ultimately leads to dismay and disaster,” he added.

The Health Minister encouraged Jamaicans to consider implementing ‘best practices’ that include living a lifestyle that moderates consumption habits with activities each day, instead of bleaching their skin. He also encouraged Jamaicans to embrace the natural aging process.

 “The real solution lies in how we treat with ourselves and how we take responsibility for caring for ourselves and, indeed, beyond that, planning for the future… we need to see aging as an opportunity, not as a threat,” he said.

The Health Ministry along with its stakeholders, will be hosting activities such as health expos and fairs in recognition of Caribbean Wellness Day 2019.