Prime Minister Andrew Holness says resolving fiscal management issues is a key part of his governance, as they seek to engage in serious infrastructure expansion across the island. He was speaking at the Caribbean Infrastructure event at the Jamaica Pegasus earlier this morning.

The construction of several high rise buildings across the island might be viewed as a sign of growth and development in Jamaica. However, according to Prime Minister Andrew Holness, this move is an investment that will benefit the country’s economy as time progresses.

Back in October last year, the Government of Jamaica through the Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ) and contractors China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) signed contracts for the construction of 1650 housing solutions in Catherine Estates, St. Catherine.

At the time, he remarked that every Jamaican should have access to safe, sustainable an affordable housing citing that this was the purpose of vision 2030. That project cost $9.5 billion under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) agreement.

Holness goes further to add that the government has now decided to dedicate more towards investment in infrastructure.