Residents of Golden Spring in St Andrew are calling on their Member of Parliament to address the deplorable road conditions in their communities. They say the state of the roads has worsened over the years and successive governments have ignored it. They are now attempting to draw attention to it once more, hoping that there will be intervention before the end of the year.

One resident shares that he would usually purchase his own materials to fix the roadway, but that is just a small section of the problem.

” When I just come into the community, I use to take bags from out of the community and patch patch out these roads. People use to wonder what I am doing but I realised that the road is coming down,” Nordel Lewin of Golden Spring explains.

Roads such as Stockfarm, Valley Road, Joyce Road and Faith home are in need of an immediate remedy, and drivers are not holding back on sharing their concerns.

“This is the first I have ever seen the road like this and I know the entire road from basic school days. This vehicle has to be fixed by my uncle and right now my father is trying to fix his,” eighteen year old Jevaughn Smith shares.

According to the drivers, we spoke with, their vehicles are being destroyed by the roads and they have to spend thousands of dollars to fix their cars. The President of the Golden Spring Citizen Association, Derrick Simon adds that even Garbage Trucks are unable to enter the community. The result is weeks of uncollected garbage at homes.

“The road – I cant find words to describe the condition it is in. I have been cautioned , however, not to get the Prime Minister involved but I think when it comes to crisis such as this, I really have no choice. We have made all the representation that we can to the Member of Parliament,” Simon says.

A year ago, when CVM LIVE contacted the Member of Parliament, Juliet Cuthbert Flynn, she noted that she was not opposed to fixing the roadway and any funding received would be first spent on major thoroughfares in the constituency. Cuthbert Flynn was notified of our recent visit to community but was unavailable to comment on the issue.

Residents are now hoping that something will be done and soon.