The Duhaney Park Gully is yet to be cleaned by the relevant authorities. It has been decades since there has been an intervention and residents are affected by the rise in water levels whenever it rains. According to them, the recent rains has led to further pile up of garbage, mostly plastic bottles, and water entering their homes and covering the roadways.

They say their Member of Parliament, Anthony Hylton, says work will take place but there is no clear timeline regarding when this will be done. His recent visit with a National Works Agency Engineer on Thursday November 7 has left some optimistic and others skeptical about whether any cleaning will be done.

CVM LIVE revisited the site after a year and found that the situation has worsened. The residents gave us a tour of the area, saying , we can only understand their plight if we see it ourselves.

One resident says the gully was cleaned 3 times, in 1978, 2007 and 2008. Since then there has not been any intervention from successive governments, they say.

They also claim that they are affected by the construction being done by China Harbour.

They are now hoping that something will be done about the issue.