July 28, 2019

Fly Jamaica Sold

Fly Jamaica, the embattled airline that has been grounded since one of its planes crashed landed in 2018, says it  will resume its operation later this year. 

Newly appointed CEO, Glenn Logan says they are working with tour operators out of France to restore Fly Jamaica operation by November of this year. 

Mr. Glenn, a veteran pilot says they have leased two aircraft that they will be using to resume the operation of the troubled airline. 

First order of business for the new owner of the airline W&L France, Mr Logan says is to address redundancy, outstanding salary, refunds for tickets purchased and other inherited debts as part of the agreement.

Fly Jamaica laid off employees and closed its Holborn office in March of this year. 

CVM LIVE  received complaints from aggrieved customers who says they had no way of getting redress after the airline closed down its operations. 

Mr. Logan says customers and redundant staff will be addressed soon.

The aviation veteran says Fly Jamaica now has a competent of network of experienced professionals with a different approach. Mr. Logan further lamented that the airline has a solid plan to return investment.

Jamaila Maitland