The Family of a Portmore Teen who was killed in an accident in July are making claims against the police.

According to them, since the incident happened there has been no communication from the police.

Thirteen year old, Tyrice Williams from Clifton in Portmore had volunteered to retrieve a ball for a younger child across from where he lived. However, upon attempting to cross the road to return he was hit by a white probox that was being driven by a police officer.

The motor vehicle later crashed and the officer escaped without injuries.

However, Williams was killed.

The officer was arrested but the family has not received any further information on the case.

They were told that the Director of Public Prosecutions was preparing a file for the case but were not advised of when it would be ready or which procedures to follow once it was completed.

The mother of Tyrice Williams says she has received assistance from family but the loss of her son is too much to bear. She says she has been trying to cope with his death but it is difficult to do so. The family is now awaiting contact from the police.

CVM LIVE reached out to the corporate communications unit regarding the matter. However, we were advised that checks would have to be made into the case before any information can be provided.

– Khadijah Thomas