Exploring the Importance of Talking About Breast Cancer

Let us talk about pink and what it represents in October. Every October, people all over the world come together to show their support for persons affected by breast cancer.

Several charities, individuals and organizations encouraging conversations surrounding this condition in hopes of educating thousands of families, friends and communities about the seriousness of this disease.

So, how can you play your part? What are some steps you can take to make discussing breast health with others, a bit easier? The first step would be finding someone you feel comfortable speaking to about your health, like a partner, friend, loved one, or doctor.

Someone you trust and can be open with, so you would not be tempted to shy away from the conversation. Next, we are setting the stage.

We know, it is not always comfortable discussing tough topics, especially when it comes to our health. Making sure you have a safe and comfortable environment for talking ensures that you feel confident and supported.

Then we are making sure we understand the basics and address the stigmas.

It is important to know that breast cancer can happen to anyone at any age, and while it is more common among women, it can affect men.

Once you know the basics, you can more readily share that information with others.

Let us face it for many reasons, we may be timid to talk about the hard stuff but the more we focus on health, wellness, and self-care, the more we can support others in our lives with breast health.

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