May 10, 2019

Dubbed the ‘Dancehall Professor’, Orville Hall is much more than.

His research into Dancehall has lead to Dancehall being implemented as a course at the Excelsior Community College, having written the outline for the institution.

The history of Dancehall spanned from the 80s and most importantly the 90s. Hall says in his eyes, 90s Dancehall put Jamaica on the international scene with the emergence Bogle and Dancehall Queen Carlene.

Not only that but according to Hall, the many movements of Dancehall are a direct derivative of Kumina movements, which was also a result of  many African retention.

His history in the arts spans decades beginning from high school with his entrance into All Schools Boogie competition for his Alma mater, Edith Dalton High School. From there, the rest is history.