Reggae And Its Value 

June 23, 2019

Record producer, Winston “Ninenee” Holness, Ethnomusicologist Dr. Dennis Howard and reggae Instrumentalist and producer Clive Hunt, joined ELive Uunplugged to explain the reggae story and its importance on June, 23, 2019.. 

Dr. Howard, during the discussion noted that Jamaica has a series of genre of music, which reggae emerged as the 4th element of music. 

He says mento, which emerged first, then ska and rock steady, were the most dominant musical elements in the Jamaican landscape until reggae came out. 

Dr. Howard added that Reggae is an exploration of different cultural exposure that is influenced by various art forms.

“Reggae is a derivative of the different Jamaican popular music that came before it and influences from outside of Jamaica, primarily from the Caribbean and North America and to some extent over the Atlantic in Britain because of the pop music and the way black music from african diaspora influenced the music of England and America…..,” shared Dr. Howard. 

Both Hunt and Holness also adds their take on the value that these musical elements, has placed on Jamaica.