The Economic Growth Council (EGC) is blaming the lack of accountability of senior government officials for the sluggish performance in the economy.

The council argued that structural reform is needed in order for to achieve its growth plan for 5% growth in four years.

On April 27, 2016, when Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced the creation of the EGC, Chairman Michael Lee-Chin said then that the council would work at achieving five per cent growth over the next four years.

However, at the 9th Quarterly Report to the Nation, the EGC announced that Jamaica did not hit target.

While Executive Director, Senator Aubyn Hill, extolled the virtues of the country’s heightened economic growth, given the current trajectory, Lee Chin, was less complimentary. Lee chin called out government officials, for what he termed inefficiency and unnecessary bureaucracy. The Chairman certainly did not mince words, in calling for greater accountability.