June 12, 2019

Parliamentarians lambasted what they describe as the poor approach taken by the principal of the Edna Manley College of the visual and performing arts on issues of sexual harassment.

It has been reported that almost two years ago a case sexual harassment was brought to her attention, but the administration failed to act on the issue.

The alleged perpetrator is said to be the same male lecturer who has been accused of multiple counts of lewd gestures made against female students.

CVM Live spoke with the lecturer who reported the incident in May and it was highlighted that a total of seven incidents have been filed against the alleged male perpetrator, yet nothing has been done.

Maluwa Williams-Myers, lecturer shared that students have made several reports to the dean, however, nothing has been done on the part of the administration to rectify the issue.

She said that one staff member at the institution castigated her for speaking out against the issue and went as far to question her integrity, while others asked her to stay silent and just teach the curriculum.