The Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture, and Fisheries, Audley Shaw, is appealing to more Jamaicans to eat what is locally produce rather than rely on imported goods. According to Shaw, this is necessary to lower the country’s high importation bill and introduce a healthier lifestyle.

Jamaica’s agricultural sector’s tagline eat what we grow, grow what we eat remains as a call for Jamaicans to buy local produce.

“It is now known without a shadow of a doubt that the more nutritious food that we can feed our children are homegrown. This is where by Government policy we have to not just leave everything up to the decisions of each school, but to put together a formal programme to which they would be obliged to comply,” he noted.

The Agriculture Minister says plans are also underway to introduce eggs in school.

“The homegrown school feeding programme will involve very critical dialogue between three key ministries: the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health and Wellness,” he added

The President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, Lenworth Fulton reiterates this statement but adds, though Jamaica cannot cut its import bill to zero, citizens must still buy into more local items.