Distressed residents gathered outside the gates of Jiuquan Iron and Steel Company (JISCO)/Alpart Alumina refinery in Nain, St Elizabeth, calling for immediate action to be taken against the bauxite/alumina plant for it’s disregard of citizen health. The residents say they are unable to go on with their daily duties because of the excessive dust coming from the plant. They insist that mud lake is a nuisance that is putting their health at risk.

Residents say there is a growing lack of respect coming from the management of JISCO/Alpart whenever they try to report their concerns. According to the councilor of the Myersville division, Alpart is not watering the mud lake because of the temporary closure, instead he explains that Alpart is using a chemical to reduce the effects of the dust.

Member of parliament for South St. Elizabeth, Franklin Witter says there were plans to relocate residents living in the area.

CVM LIVE  reached out to JISCO/Alpart for a response but phones went unanswered.