Disadvantages VS Advantages of Music on Youth

Music is powerful, it can improve your mood, influence your thoughts, inspire you to do gainful or hurtful things; with music, you can relate to your current mood, find comfort or improve the mood of an event- the use of music is immeasurable.

What percentage of a song is factual? What percentage of a song has the ability to improve your mood? Is the genre of music important to an individual’s growth?

Ever so often we find ourselves going on road trips and listening to our favorite playlist. Music on the trip can put you in a whole new mood – it can make you cry, make you happy or it can improve your energy. What’s your favorite road trip song? and why!?

We often speak of the power of music, how it can move a crowd or stop one in its tracks, what has also been a continuous conversation in Jamaica is the separation of the artiste and the art but is that really possible?

We discuss this and more on today’s Youth Forum as we look at the influence of music on our youth


Watch the full conversation in this Youth Forum with Mikhail Miller, special events disc jockey and audiovisual engineer, and recording artiste Ma’neen to discuss.