World Afro Day: “Embracing Our Natural Roots”

Today (15th September) is being celebrated as World Afro Day. It is an essential call to action for leaders, schools, churches and each individual to finally end discrimination against Afro hair in schools across the country. “We have outgrown slavery, but our minds are still enslaved to the thinking of the master race. Now take these kinks out of your mind, instead of out of your hair.”– Marcus Garvey. In our society, today afro or kinky hair is still being discriminated against in schools and even the workplace. But who decides what is acceptable and what is not? Embracing our natural roots is something that the majority of people struggle with especially growing up in a changing system that dictates the appearance of how your hair should look. Nowadays with the newfound love and acceptance for our hair, are we still worried about cultural appropriation?

Founder and Director of ZLH Français, Zahra Henry and Founder of Raw Food Challenge Ja, Stacia Davidson shares their point of view on embracing our natural roots. Watch the full discussion here: