Self-Acceptance vs Self-Esteem

Is rejection linked to low self-esteem? Oftentimes the noise within the social space makes our minds vulnerable resulting in many of us rethinking our self-acceptance and trying desperately to change the way we look. How hard is it to accept one’s self? How do we learn unconditional acceptance? Self-acceptance can be defined as the state of complete acceptance of oneself that is without limitations or exceptions. True self-acceptance can be hard to achieve however, if one should learn and practice how to accept both the positives and negatives in our lives then we would be off to a good start. Although the ideas behind self-acceptance have existed for hundreds there is no specific way or criteria to achieve self-acceptance.  

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Owner of Reve Jewellery, Teasea Bennett and Entrepreneur and Director of First Impressions, Monique Nichols share their point of view on self-acceptance and self-esteem. Watch the full discussion here:

Nevertheless, failure to accept one’s self can be linked to one having low self-esteem which has negative implications such as mental health issues and harm to one’s physical health. For instance, a woman who is obsessed with having an appealing body like Kim Kardashian may starve herself with the intent of looking a certain way. This also has negative implications on her physical health as this can cause her to develop medical issues such as a compromised immune system and heart disease.