Jamaican Educators:  Back to School Anxiety in 2021

Jamaican Educators: Back to school is around the corner! Teaching online has pushed creativity to great lengths because there is a need to grab and keep the attention of students. The struggles a teacher faces can vary based on the age group they facilitate during school hours. It is easy to get consumed by keeping up appearances, still complete their task and cater for themselves and family. What can a teacher do in order to recuperate to face another teaching day? How are educators able to adjust to online teaching? What are some of the realities they face on a daily basis? – these are a few questions we discuss in the video below.

We check in with our teachers, how are they coping in a time like this where they would have been too prepared for face-to-face classes and now doing a 360 turn back to virtual classes until further notice. The back-to-school 2021 anxiety is our topic in this conversation, with our teachers Tashi Campbell, Mathematics Lecturer, and Pastor, Shiniqua Pascoe, Early Childhood Educator, and Marcelle’ Jackson, Primary Educator – May Pen Primary.

Stay tuned to the conversation, can you relate to an educator?

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