It is said that men are natural hunters and protectors. However, with the rising concern of violence against women, the fear of being targeted is at the forefront of our minds. Is outside safe for women? When did we get to this place where we lose hope in the protection of our men?

Socialization is one factor that has contributed to the significant shift in women feeling unsafe and unable to see men as their protectors anymore. Socialization within the context of music and our culture. In our society today we see where men are unable to understand their emotions and keep their egos in check. It is also evident that men are becoming more possessive, viewing women as their property and not as individuals worthy of love, care and protection.

Youth Empowerment Coach, Speaker  and  Voice Talent, Melicia Green and Social Development Practitioner and Founder of Nexxstepp, Tishauna Mullings shares their views on Sunrise. Watch the discussion here: