We are often encouraged to write down goals for the life we want to accomplish, which can be considered as a life to-do list. However our daily to-do list is left incomplete, but how do we remain goal orientated when we fail our daily goals and what are the benefits of keeping up with our goals? Well, it can be very difficult particularly when obstacles and challenges just keep popping up. Sometimes they are so relentless you feel like giving up. It is a familiar feeling that a lot of us can relate to.

But we can stay goal-oriented in our personal and professional life by trying to attain realistic goals. What does this mean? Being goal-oriented means concentrating on completing a specific task or reaching a specific goal to achieve a planned outcome. It means you are driven and motivated by this purpose. Goal-oriented professionals practice a variety of skills that allow them to set realistic goals and track their progress. Some skills that help goal-oriented individuals succeed include planning and organization, positivity, self-awareness, decision-making, time management and good analysis.

Founder and Principal Consultant of Bootstrap Dreams, Tajuanna Taylor and Entrepreneur and Director of First Impressions, Monique Nichols share their views on Sunrise.

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