Traditional Main Dishes in Jamaica 

Traditional main dishes in Jamaica do not have to be boring. You can spice up your pot with a creative twist to your traditional Jamaican main dishes. Chef  Dave Paul, is an entrepreneur. He operates Chef Dave Paul: Gourmet Catering restaurant located in the Hughenden plaza,  on Molynes Road, St Andrew. Chef Paul is a St. Mary native who never saw himself as a chef, but rather a foodie.

Chef Paul joins us on Sunrise to share some creative spin to traditional main dishes in Jamaica. Watch interview here:

Approximately, three years ago, he started doing meal preps for clients, such as private companies and business executives. Dave Paul also serves as a personal chef who goes to clients’ homes or business places, and prepare their desired meals. What began out of a small service as a personal chef was later whipped into an entire menu of savoury dishes stirred to suit different palates. Being trained earlier at a tertiary institution, he went overseas for work experience, which led to the chef’s gourmet style of cooking. His passion grew even more as he recognized the wide variety of meals that were not prepared locally and could well fit into the Jamaican style of cooking. Chef Paul’s business is labelled gourmet as, he meals, creating a fusion of the day-to-day ordinary meals and adding a little flair to it.