Back in 2012, three young dancers, Sherona McAllister, Judene Edwards, and Charissa Clemetson, shared a common goal of creating the first-ever Christian Dance Company in Jamaica. Their vision came to fruition, and today, OBOG stands as a remarkable testament to their determination and hard work. With over 20 talented dancers from 14 different churches and dance ministries across Jamaica, OBOG continues to inspire and touch the lives of many through the power of dance. They are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and to commemorate the event they are hosting a ‘The Decade, OBOG’s 10th Season of Dance’, to illustrate the company’s journey paralleled to life’s different seasons, through vibrant and diverse dance styles. The event is set for September 30 at the Phillip Sherlock Center. Co-founder of OBOG Dance Ministry, Charissa Clemetson, shared the event details on Sunrise.

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