Ansel Pulchan is a full time banker by profession but has taken up gardening as a pastime activity. Pulchan uses gardening as a medium to release any form of stress, “once I am in that zone, I feel care”, says Pulchan. He is big on mental health and believes that using skills or expressing your creativity can release stress especially with all the challenges now. He started MicroGreen as a way of trying something new and it turned into something he really loves and want to share with others.

Business Profile:

Green Groomer has been operating since September of 2021 and has been operating on a small scale since. The business started out of a love for gardening and landscaping, however, it was hard to balance this as a part time job as his full-time career can be time consuming.

The line MicroGreen was launched in December 2021, through the creation of a piece he did for his new office space. A few of friends and co-workers saw the piece and fell in love, which started a whole chain of requests for their own pieces and the rest is history.The concept of MicroGreen is to elevate your space, whether your office, living/dining room or patio with the inclusion of bold, contemporary, simple or elegant pieces. The idea behind each piece is to ensure a sense of creativity, artistic and for my customer to have a piece that is unique to them. 

No two pieces will be the same; each piece is customized and is based on the colours customers choose. A sense of simplicity or complexity makes the difference.