PinexGinja (Pine and Ginja), is a Jamaican-themed event based in Accra, Ghana, and is planning to have its fourth staging this year on December 24, 2022. It consists of authentic Dancehall culture and has expanded its footprint in Nigeria this November. The theme of PinexGinja this year is ‘Chale Wi Tallawah’. The phrase is a combination of Ghanaian and Jamaican words. Chale in Ghana means ‘friend’ and tallawah in Jamaica is strong. Building on their goal of connecting members of the African Diaspora together, the organizers of PinexGinja—the MSBC Group—is looking to Mark Beckford, the Founder of PinexGinja as an advocate of Jamaican culture and the power it has in connecting people in the Diaspora. This is why he along with his team has been staging the event in Ghana since 2018. When he is not spreading the allure of Jamaican musical culture, he is the Digital Editor for the Bloomberg Cities Insights Unit at Freedman Consulting, LLC. For more information go to bring the same experience of authenticity and a piece of Jamaica to patrons in Ghana. More details in the interview here:

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