Sidony Dunn’s Precious Gemstone Jewelleries

Sidony Dunn is a 2021 graduate of the University of the West Indies with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. She has a passion for innovation and design which led her to a hobby in jewellery making. She now runs a handmade jewellery business known as Zeta Jewellery and she enjoys listening to music as well as making art. Growing up, she was a lover of Science, Geography, and History. Her passion for these was nurtured by her father, who passed away she was 11 years old. She now works as a Geographic Information Specialist.

Dunn decided to turn her hobby into a business during university to earn some extra funds. The name ‘Zeta’ was inspired by her Engineering Signals and Control Systems Course, as this Greek letter is used a lot for calculations. Her passion for geography and art also led her to develop an appreciation for semi-precious gemstones which she now uses while crafting her jewellery. She pairs the stones with metals such as sterling silver to make dainty pieces of demi-fine jewellery. She also creates costume pieces. For her, making jewellery brings her joy and relaxation. When she’s able to make others happy with her pieces, it makes it even more worthwhile. Watch the discussion: