Sargassum Influx on Jamaica’s Coastline – Learn More

Did you know that Jamaica has over 300 beaches? In this interview, we discuss the influx of Sargassum- seafood for turtles and fishes. Sargassum is a genus of brown seaweed that floats in island-like masses – it never attaches itself to the seafloor. Sargassum can be found in the ocean. Upon close inspection, it is easy to see the many leafy appendages, branches, and round, berry-like structures that make up the plant.

“Can you ‘get rid of’ this seaweed? What methods do you consider when cleaning the sand? Is this seaweed beneficial in water? Is it problematic in large amounts? How useful is it on land?” questions to look out for in the interview.

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is advising the public to expect an influx of mats of brown seaweed known as sargassum across the island’s shoreline which will be done in a webinar on Monday, October 4. at 10 am – Senior Public Education and Community Outreach Officer Ava Tomlinson will share more with us:

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