Road To National Youth Awards

Ceejay Cunningham is a young entrepreneur who grew up in a small community called Chantilly District in Manchester. He is the Owner and CEO of Fairwoods Farm JA, where he has a quarter acres of assorted vegetable farm to include strawberries and also a Greenhouse Technology. He won the National Youth Awards with Prime Minister Youth Awardee for Agriculture and Agro-Processing.

While, Anabelle Jones is the former Deputy Chairman of the Youth Advisory Council of Jamaica (2020-2021) as well as a former Jamaica House Fellow(2020-2022). From an early age Jones wanted to get involved in activities to build her country. Her passion for National Development was reaffirmed in 2014 when she was engaged by the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ). A peace walk in the Tivoli Gardens Community became the catalyst for Jone’s involvement in national development. She received the Prime Minister Youth Awardee for National Leadership.

Ceejay Cunningham and Anabelle Jones joined us on Sunrise to share more.

Watch the full interview here: