What’s Your Favorite Music Genre? Mystic Marley, the Recording Artiste, is Thrilling Audiences with Her Latest Single ‘Jump’ – Released on October 6, this electrifying track seamlessly fuses elements of dancehall, reggae, and soca, promising to captivate listeners worldwide. ‘Jump’ is a testament to the exceptional talent and versatility of three groundbreaking artists, harmoniously united in a musical masterpiece.

Mystic Marley, the gifted performer, and songwriter, effortlessly channels her iconic family heritage while infusing a fresh and contemporary vibe into the song. Rising soca sensation Nailah Blackman contributes her powerful vocals, combining grace and raw energy to give the track a unique dimension. Renowned DJ, producer, and Major Lazer member, Walshy Fire, masterfully blends his expertise in dancehall and reggae to craft an irresistible beat that will have you hitting the replay button over and over. She shares more on Sunrise, watch:

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