Born and raised in Kingston in a racing background on both sides of family. Maragh’s Mom gave him a choice to pursue a viable career in Jamaica or move to the states, finish school, and pursue riding. He then moved to south Florida as a teenager to continue his journey of being a jockey. He bounced around family member’s houses and traveled home nearly every weekend for two years until parents migrated. A part of his family agreement was to win a certain number of races in his first year or return home. After winning
his fifth race, he was recruited by jockey agent, Angel.

Rajiv later on his life developed the idea of “Road Jockey”, a courier service. Road Jockey’s inspiration came from being at home in Jamaica and wanting food without the having to retrieve it yourself.
Rajiv stated that Road Jockey is bigger than a food delivery service, it is an e-commerce marketplace, a one-stop-shop delivery experience for the entire Caribbean. He utilizes technology to automate the whole
shopping and delivery process.

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