Registered Nurse and Midwife for over 16 years, Marcia JD. Blair published her collection of over 500 personal poems during the pandemic. Since then, Marcia JD. Blair who also goes by the moniker, The Rhyming Poet has sold over 50 copies of the first volume of her poetry collection titled Recollections: Poems for every Occasion Vol 1 with Vol 2 soon to follow. 

The Rhyming Poet has been writing from as early as high school and discovered her passion for the written word when she took just 2 months to write over 100 songs. “I started writing extensively in 2009 and in 4 months I wrote over 300 poems. I realized that I could write since primary school and one of my career choices was Journalism, but due to my stuttering challenges, I opted for Nursing,” she shared excitedly. 

The collection surprisingly took only 1 year and 4 months to complete and was inspired by a passion to motivate others in their times of need. “I am passionate about touching people at the point of their needs, identifying with them in their situations and bringing a sense of hope, encouragement and resolve, through poetry. I am a voice for the voiceless and I bring hope to the hopeless.”, Marcia expressed.

“I want this collection of Poems to bring joy, healing, restoration, hope, strength, courage, comfort and peace to people. I want them to feel God’s love reaching out to them at the point of their pain or need. I want others to be motivated to go to heights I have never gone; I want to build or strengthen self-esteem in young people and help them know their self-worth and value. These books are a means of holding their hands as they cross each river of life, climb mountains and cross valleys,” she continued. 

About the Book 

Recollections – Poems for every occasion is a melting pot of culture, love and celebration through poetry. With over 500 poems, there’s a poem for every occasion including mother’s day, wedding anniversaries, funerals, retirement or even birthdays. As appropriate, poems can even be used to enhance the teaching-learning process, use at the beginning and/or ending of sermons, speeches, class presentations and seminars – even Nursery Rhymes are included! Grab a copy as a gift or keepsake for you or someone you love. Recollections – Poems for every occasion can be purchased on Amazon or you may contact the author for copies. 

Marcia Blair is a mother, wife, Registered Nurse – Midwife and passionate preacher who obtained a Ministerial Diploma in Theology, at the Faith School of Theology, Jamaica Campus in 1996.