Multipurpose Ottoman Designs

After graduating from University a few years ago, Shikell Williams had difficulty getting a job and wanted something for herself, so she started an online clothing store but wasn’t passionate about it, because it didn’t feel like authentic. Williams grew frustrated and wanted to move back home (St. Elizabeth) but her mother and partner encouraged her to try for another month. Within that time Williams was successful in obtaining a job but only for one month. She was committed to proving to this organization which resulted in her securing a full-time position.

Williams was always fond of all forms of art. She finds peace in creating & repurposing things with her hands. A friend encouraged Williams to use YouTube as a research platform. “I began and got attached, resulting in the start of my journey, creating home décor and accessories. I put my all into it; it felt so natural and peaceful so I made it into a business”, Williams.

Currently, Williams makes Multipurpose Ottomans (all ottomans frames are recycled items such as old tires, used buckets & foam boxes), Resin coasters & Trays, Glam Liquor bottles, Décor bottles & Dessert stands.