Minister Samantha Blake, Ministering Through Music

Minister Samantha Blake hails from Crawle River Clarendon. She grew up in the Crawle River Baptiste Church where her mom is the head deaconess. She is a wife and mother of one son and currently expecting a second child. Blake was diagnosed with infertility and inability to have kids but God saw it fit to make such impossible become possible. Minister Blake has been singing since age 6 and sang at Church rallies, concerts of which she was well received. As She grew older Blake began to face challenges where she got my inspiration to write songs from personal experiences. 

Minister Blake always looked up to Grace Thrillers and hoped one day to become an international Gospel singer. At age 18 she wrote a song titled miracle but struggled to get it established so she went to the Cayman Island to do domestic work came back to Jamaica and recorded one song went back to the Cayman Islands sold the CD with one song came back to Jamaica and recorded 4 more songs went back to the Cayman Islands going to radio stations introducing herself and seeking interviews of which she was successful.

Not having a big name it was difficult to get myself recognized in the industry but faith has never grew dim as she knew one day she would become recognized through her singing ministry. It has been a journey lots of setbacks but she kept going. Migrated to the USA 12 yrs ago and decided it’s time for a career investment, she currently has a 9 track album 3 videos and will be shooting my 4th video the 20th of next month followed my album launch April 4th, 2022 at the Love101 radio station. 

“On September 6, 2019 I was shot in my head by a stray bullet at my home in Florida while sleeping with my 2yr old son the bullet was lodged in my neck near my spine and was told removing the bullet I could be permanently paralyzed I thought then I would never be able to sing again but God allowed me to have a successful surgery to remove the bullet and able to write a song titled Comprehensive Blood Coverage, sharing my testimony. It’s my desire with both my testimony and singing ministry to travel the world winning souls for Christ”, said Minister Blake.