It is said that men are natural hunters when it comes on to dating and marriage. They are also viewed as the protectors of the family. Lately, with the increase in violence against women, most women are not feeling the ‘hunt’ but being targeted. How do we make our women feel safe again?  Safe to date, to go ‘outside’, or even to have a relationship?

Well, we can start by teaching our boys and men about understanding their emotions. With this men can become aware of their feelings and learn how to control themselves. A lot of men in our society today are not gentlemanly and lack the basic knowledge about how to handle their egos/ emotions and by extension rejection. Additionally, men should learn how to respect women and not just view them as objects that they should pursue when they become older or mature. Do men behave the way they do because they do not have a safe space to express themselves? To some extent, this is true as many Jamaican men find it difficult to express how they feel because we are cultured to believe that “men don’t cry” and if a man is emotionally vulnerable he is weak or soft.  

Author and Dub Poet, Joel ‘Jawara’ Ellis and Social Media Officer and Host of Jamaica Aids Support For Life, Kalvin Brown shares their views on Sunrise. Watch the discussion here: