With FIFA World Cup 2022, the greatest show on earth only four days away one cannot help but think about men and their love for football. Women in particular often times wonder why men love football so much. Why is it that a man would sit for hours and watch football even when their team is losing but fail to focus on something else at home for ten minutes? We could be wrong but men’s love for football has been a sore point in many relationships for decades, not just the romantic ones but even the parent and child relationship. Another truth is that men find football to be therapeutic and a great way to relieve stress. In addition to that football also gives men something to talk about with other men. 

As we countdown to the greatest show on earth, the FIFA World Cup 2022, Sports Journalist, Damion Gordon and Chairman For Young People Advocating Change, Dei Rasi Freckleton join us on Sunrise to share more about their love for football.

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