Man’s World: Confident Body Language

Do you think that men pay attention to their body language? What are the main nonverbal signals that we use to communicate? It may be a shrug, a sigh, a subtly touching of the neck or head, nose flaring, or vein bulging out! Learning body language can help you recognize hidden feelings in others. Understanding or recognizing the non-verbal cues can sometimes improve the quality of the conversation or maybe even tell you to pause or postpone a conversation

In a Man’s World, we listen to a few perspectives; find out from the men their thoughts on non-verbal confident cues. Can a man be confident in his body language? Watch the conversation below:

Guests: Conroy Thompson, People Development Strategist |@Cdtstralsol @Cdtconversations

Pete Kennedy, CEO of Emyll – Educating Men & Youth, How To Lead & Live

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