What are the differences between traditional love and love in the digital age? Does finding a partner and maintaining a relationship in the age of the Internet require more energy than usual? The answers will vary from person to person based on different experiences. Before the age of the internet, one would meet a potential partner in spaces such as a church, at an event, cinema, work, and even at school. It is arguable that it was hard to make somebody like you or you had to work hard to get to know them. In comparison, to the internet age where one is able to sit at home and swipe through their mobile phones and find someone to date. Not to mention the fact that one is able to know everything about the person simply by looking at their social media pages.

A modern relationship is difficult to maintain. It is also hard to find true love and a long-term relationship. Many people are afraid of love. We are afraid of emotions and intimacy that is why we prefer virtual love. Despite our preferences in the internet age is social media ruining our relationships?

Transformational and Strategic Mindset Coach, Wayne Dawson and Entrepreneur, Founder and Chairman of the Gentleman’s Association of Jamaica, Patrick Watson Jnr shares their perspective on love and relationships in the internet age on Sunrise. Watch it here: