Does Independence Equals Responsibility?

For many of us growing up, there was nothing that we wanted more than our independence and being rid of our parents. But does this mean we are mature and responsible enough to handle our independence? The response to this question will vary depending on who you ask. Let us examine independence and responsibility so that you can decide for yourself. Arguably, responsibility and independence are taught in the home from childhood to adolescence based in part on the quality of children’s relationships with parents. It is said children who have warm, secure relationships and freedom to make choices within limits gradually learn to control their lives and take responsibility for their actions. Children who are responsible and independent are more likely to succeed in school, in their careers, and social relationships.

Our guest Pastor Allen believes responsibility should be taught alongside independence so that young people can understand that decisions they make have consequences. He highlights young people should learn maturity because financial independence does not mean one is responsible.

Founder, Going Beyond Limitations, Author, Empowerment Coach, Richard A. Cross and Pastor, Author, Transformational Speaker & CEO of House of Clay Kavan Allen. Watch the conversation about responsibility and independence: